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A project created out of love for Ruby to collect everyone's reason to love it. Even after 7 years, it's fun to read old content and know other's reasons to love Ruby. This website is also good place for beginners to do open source contributions.

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While teaching Ruby language to someone, got into this idea of Marathi Ruby. That lead to a couple of talks and flavours of Ruby in Marathi or Hindi. On Code4All website, some of these programmers can be created or tried. Project details can be found by going through our conference talks about the topic here.


Rich Enums

With Enums we are able to map a value on the database to a semantic label. With Rich Enum gem we can maintain an additional mapping at the point of enum definition, for e.g. for presentation purposes or for mapping to a different value on a different system.


Substack Parser

The "substack_parser" gem is a specialized Ruby gem crafted to facilitate the streamlined extraction and interpretation of the various data from exported content originating from the Substack platform.


Ghost Parser

The "ghost_parser" gem is a Ruby gem specialized in processing exported posts from the Ghost platform. Additionally, it offers tools for automatically formatting URLs within the posts, enabling seamless usage without the need for extra interventions.